Huguette Clark Foundation

After distributing its final grant in December 2021, the Huguette Clark Foundation has ceased operations.

The Foundation helped to raise awareness of elder financial abuse by sharing the story of Huguette Clark, who spent the last two decades of her life isolated and exploited by her caregivers and professional advisors.

The Foundation’s strategy used relatively small grants to identify programs that could have a rapid impact and serve as models.  Many of the projects we funded have expanded in scope or been replicated by other organizations.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the members of the Clark family, thank you for your support and guidance over the past eight years.


The exploitation of their Aunt Huguette by her professional advisors and caregivers horrified the Clark family. Huguette’s attorney, accountant and those responsible for her medical care had manipulated her out of nearly $40 million over two decades.

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